Crow Arbor and Round Hall

Heritage Center at Red Cloud Indian School

Crow Cultural Center

Yurok Wellness Center


Skokomish Tribal Master Plan & Community Center

Crow Innovation Center

Northern Cheyenne

Columbia City Housing

Stillaguamish Village

Stillaguamish Wellness Center

Stillaguamish Elder’s Longhouse

Stillaguamish Elder’s Cottages

Stillaguamish Single Family Homes

Stillaguamish Canoe Shed

Stillaguamish Youth Townhomes

Stillaguamish Learning Center

Cheyenne Arapaho

Little Wound School

Muscogee Nation Housing Community

Colville Tribe’s Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Little Big Horn College Dance Arbor

Payne Family Native American Center

Place of Hidden Waters | Puyallup Longhouse Senior/Family Housing and Community Center

Little Big Horn College: Library / Administration / Archives

Little Big Horn College: Driftwood Lodges Learning Center

Little Big Horn College: Cultural Learning Lodge

Little Big Horn College: Dance Arbor

Little Big Horn College: Entrance Gateway

ECDLR Kiosko

Squaxin Family Services

Keya Wakpala Housing Community

Nez Perce HUD Strawbale Housing

Old Town Avondale

Maskoke Eco-Village

Nisqually Culture Center

Seven Buffalo Lodges

Tolowa Dat-Naa-Svt Dee-Ni’ Village

Unceded: Voices of the Land, Venice Biennale exhibition

Muckleshoot Elders Housing

Lummi Housing Authority Administrative Building

Plaza Roberto Maestas

Roberto Maestas Sculpture

Elouise Cobell Land & Culture Institute

Apsáalooke Veterans Cemetary

Care 66 Housing Community

Apsáalooke Tribal Administration Building

Bamboo House

RIMS House

Nageezi House

Guadalupe House

Devine Legacy on Central

Unity Village of White Center

12th & Jefferson

Seven Directions Health Clinic & Affordable Housing

Medicine Rock Community Wellness Center

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Solar Village

Indianapolis HOPE VI, Concord Village/Eagle Creek

Seven Buffalo’s Lodge

Labateyah Youth Home

Revolutionary Nicaragua