Unceded: Voices of the Land, Venice Biennale exhibition

This exhibition will showcase 18 Indigenous architects from Turtle Island (Canada and the USA) to represent the two nations at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, the most prestigious architectural exhibit in the world. Together with Cardinal they will showcase their innovative design talent through an immersive and breathtaking installation.

UNCEDED: Voices of the Land is a celebration of Indigenous architecture that speaks to and from landscapes of resilience, overcoming unforgiving limitations and serving as a register of hope and pride for Indigenous designers across Turtle Island.

Unceded will be an experience bringing together the past, present and future of Indigenous experience as seen through the eyes and minds of Indigenous architects on Turtle Island. We envisage the Turtle Island Pavilion to be used as surfaces for telling the story through four thematic metaphors – indigeneity, resilience, sovereignty, and colonization.

These are specialized as “territories” as nodes through which narratives are presented through design. For example, the “Territory of Resilience” is the hope of the future expressed in the ideas based on indigenous teachings. It is intended to rely on the ideas indigenous architects express in their work and in this project, such as showcasing work informed by the indigenous spirituality, respect for people, and that communities and all life-givers as being one in the “dance of life.”

UNCEDED: Voices of the Land will show the world that Indigenous cultures inscribed within the laws, customs, and traditions of our peoples, have a great contribution to make to the world, as seen through the work of the Indigenous architects.