Site Plan
Elementary School Facade
Elementary School Plan
Open-Air Theater Section
Gable House Facade
1-3 BD Gable House Plan
Porch House Facade
2 BD Porch House Plan
Courtyard House Rear Facade
3 BD Courtyard House Plan
Fabric Movable Partition
Bamboo Movable Partition
Wall Reinforcement
Wood-Tie Beam
Roof/Tile Connection
Wall Finish (Cement/Mud Mixture)
Extension Method

Revolutionary Nicaragua

Revolutionary Nicaragua is a master plan thesis project designed for the underprivileged communities of Nicaragua. The project includes 35 houses (casitas), a theater cooperative compound, an elementary school, a medical clinic, a general store, and a baseball/recreational park. This thesis represents an emphatic rejection of the fashion-oriented, elitist profession of architecture as it is taught in universities and as it is practiced in Corporate America.