Squaxin Family Services

Realized as a 6,000 SF Family Services Facility for the Squaxin Island Tribe, the project was conceived by 7 Directions in collaboration with the tribal staff. Providing programming through construction documentation, the architects sought the idea of re-purposing a medical modular structure to meet the restrained budget. The final design resulted in an efficient, modernized structure that reflects the longhouse culture of the tribe and ties the building into the other structures on their government campus.

Visitor privacy and indoor/outdoor deck areas for observed family visits were priorities to include in the floor plan and site plan. The re-purposing effort allowed the building to be nestled into the wooded area without chopping off more trees. The sustainable building aspects were maximized within the constraints of budget and the site conditions. The site is further developed with xeriscape planting and improved parking and pathways in a phased plan.