Maskoke Eco-Village

Crafting the master plan for this eco-village on the lines of culturally and environmentally responsive design has been the prime goal of this project. The site layout is defined by structures that reflect cultural elements and blend harmoniously with nature alongside interactive arenas that promote culture and community engagement.

Project Size / Type:

1. Agriculture & Aquaculture Area: Solar Energy Farm, Bison Range, Greenhouse, Sturgeon Tanks

2. Communal Village Area: Round Council House, Cook House, Ceremonial Space & Stick Ball Area, Playground & Garden

3. Residential Housing: 30+ Units of Cultural Straw Bale Homes

4. Ceremonial Creek Area & Women’s Medicinal Garden

5. 10,000 SF Visitor Retreat Center: Community Kitchen/Dining Area, Conference Rooms, Sleeping Cabins

6. Outdoor Visitor Venue & Recreation Area

7. Expanded Agriculture & Aquaculture Area